Special wishes

Our clients do not always have the same interests. That’s why PsychoBus is always ready to reach out of the comfort zone and create a whole new programme or fill a whole day with keeping in mind the client’s wishes. Whether it be a longer performance at a festival, a fair, a conference etc.; whether it be with full equipment or some specific devices only and for every age group.

Examples of performances at longer events

Hiiu Folk, Food Festival, Light festival, Hanseatic Days, HR conference - check! At longer events we combine science shows and Brainlab, taking into account our audience’s interests and size.  

“The Average Person”

What does your company’s average employee look like? What about the average alto or soprano of the choir you sing in? We create the average face from the photos sent to us. What a nice decoration for your office wall! // It could be a nice decoration for your office wall!  

Equipment rental

So you really like those upside down glasses but it’s too much a hassle to make them on your own? Contact us, we are glad to rent out our devices :)

 Secret experiment

 We can carry out hidden experiments with unsuspecting participants without revealing the real aim until the very end. We might ask the participants one thing but actually measure another. We might even conduct the experiment without you knowing it happening/// We might go unseen. The experiment might be a double bluff. With experiments like these we demonstrate how a rational person can be influenced by leading questions, unimportant features of objects or their own brain’s cognitive bias.  


How can the way a question is asked influence what is remembered afterwards? 


The bystander effect is one of the most infamous phenomenons in psychology’s history that still remains a topic of great relevance.


Appearance, taste, smell - which of those is important to form a preference to one or another food? Are any of them even relevant?