Science show

45 minutes

Audience size unlimited

anyone above the age of 7


What do you get when you add together 2 psychologists, 45 minutes, 2 speakers, 1 stage and an audience that is interested in psychology? The answer: PsychoBus’ science show!

We carry out enthralling and interactive shows to audiences of all ages on different topics of psychology. Everyone in the audience gets to experience mind-broadening experiments and to put their abilities to the test: maybe you are the only person hearing the nearly imperceptible sound? Or who notices unexpected changes that nobody else picked up? We guarantee a good amount of humour, engaging experiments and practical knowledge about pschology in general and about yourself. PsychoBus’ science show is a great way to spend your time in an educating and fun way in schools, on summer or team-building events.

We carry out science shows on different topics. Currently, the theme of our main programme is perception, more specifically: can we trust our eyes and ears or do they sometimes trick us? By being flexible with how we conduct the science show, we always adapt our shows to suit the audience and to be thematic with the current event. Additionally, we are excited and ready to compose and conduct science shows on other, more special topics. For example, when asked to perform in an environmentalist event, we explained what affects people’s environment-friendly behaviour; in another event we talked about the psychology of happiness, in another - social stereotypes.

Moreover, we offer personalised illusions to include in the science show. For example, the picture of the average employee (by laying all the pictures of all employees on top of each other) or the Thatcher illusion.

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