Jelly-brain workshop

60 minutes

up to 30 people

anyone above the age of 12


What is on our minds? Is it possible to live with only half of your brain? Did you know it is possible that some people cannot see moving objects at all? 

Let's get some answers from our jello-brain autopsy workshop! With discussing and explaining unbeliveable real-life accidents (such as having a huge iron rod through the skull) and brain-disorders, we introduce you important brain regions and explain their functions. We will also talk about how capable the brain is in fixing itself after damages. The workshop is highly practical: you can try out your surgical skills on the jello-brain.

Our fun and educative workshop fits perfectly for people from all age groups, because we adjust our explanations and instructions to our audience. One workshop lasts 60 minutes. We form smaller teams from all of the participants (maximum 30 people) and provide every team with a fresh jello-brain. Put on your laboratory coat and rubber gloves, grab the scalpel and let's start operating!

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