Science show

A science show is exactly what it says it is – a fun show enriched with science. The audience gets to enjoy interesting experiments and useful knowledge about psychology and themselves. One performance is usually lasts 45 minutes.


Brain lab

Brain lab is a more personalised experience in which the audience gets to experience psychological experiments firsthand in smaller groups. Participants can try everything out themselves in this workshop format. Brain lab fits no more than 30 people and usually lasts for 90 minutes. 


In this workshop you have the opportunity to dissect brains – jelly brains. You get to use a scalpel, pair of gloves and a lab coat. Together with PscyhoBus jelly-brain experts, this workshop explains different brain functions through a fun way.


Virtual reality experience

PsychoBus offers a scientific virtual reality experience. We introduce this tehnology to everyone interested, it can be their first time trying it or a 100th, we explain the science behind how it works.